Miriam McLeod Presents

Virtual Show

If you’ve heard Becky and Nathan Bliss before, I imagine you are already clearing your calendar. If not, here’s what to expect -- master storytellers whose work captures an incredible range of human experience, marvelously varied songs (Christmas songs, love songs, happy/sad of course, transporting ballads, meditations on emotions, insights, moments in time, and MURDER BALLADS!) so deftly crafted that they scarcely seem crafted at all, but spontaneous and elemental. But of course melodies this beautiful, harmonies this crystalline, and arrangements this solid don’t just happen – they come only from virtuosic songcrafters with consummate command of their tools. Becky and Nathan are also great performers, delightfully personable, and boy can they play. He’ll astonish you by playing half a dozen instruments one after the other, and you will swoon over Becky’s impeccable voice.

We love all our artists, but everyone who's heard them will agree that Becky and Nathan are extra special. If you're not already a fan, visit their website and listen to their youtube videos to get a taste of their brilliant songs, brilliantly performed, and I'm sure you'll want to be here.